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Shadowgraph 141 ('to trace out a shallow figure')
Saving grace
Win Win
The prisoner's telegraph (samizdat poems, for alexsandr solzhenitsyn)
Shadowgraph 114 ('except that I couldn't leave')
Novel preservation state of Dolerotheca (medullosalean male organ) from the Late Pennsylvanian of the Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia, Canada
Social tourism and well-being in a first nation community
Roots, region, and resistance: Facing industrial ruin in Sydney, Cape Breton, during Canada’s centennial year
Thanking in Cameroon French
CJAS constructions of Canadian pluralism
The compound synangial organ Potoniea krisiae sp. nov. and its plausible relationship with linopterids based on cuticles from the Late Pennsylvanian Sydney Coalfield, Canada
Culinary tourism on Cape Breton Island
The predictive power of multicultural personality traits, learner and teacher variables on foreign language enjoyment and anxiety
Geochemical prediction of metal dispersion in surface and groundwater systems
Relief: Observations on creative nonfiction as pedagogy
Seaweed resources of the world: A 2020 vision
Anxiety/uncertainty management and communication accommodation in women’s brief dyadic conversations with a stranger: An idiodynamic approach