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'Margery looks up'.
'Heritage Dacadie' - Dupont,jc
'Sex and Violence in Canadian Novel Ancestral Present' - Moss,j
'Feed my dear dogs'.
A new Early Permian reptile and its significance in early diapsid evolution
A new and unusual procolophonid parareptile from the Lower Triassic Katberg Formation of South Africa
A new burnetiamorph (Therapsida
A new species of Novastoa Finlay, 1926 (Mollusca
Absolute integrated infrared intensities of liquid fluorobenzene between 4000 and 400 cm(-1) at 25 degrees C
Abundance and Diet of Predatory Fishes in Phragmites, Treated Phragmites, and Natural Spartina Marshes in Delaware Bay
A survey study of pediatric nurses' use of information sources
A simple method for predicting presidential greatness from popular vote victory margin
A theory of social systems
A tribute to Robert R. Reisz
Absence of Sex-Differences on the Boehm Test of Basic Concepts
Allozyme Variation in Bumble Bees (hymenoptera, Apidae)
Allozyme variation, relatedness among progeny in a nest, and sex ratio in the leafcutter bee, Megachile rotundata (Fabricius) (Hymenoptera
Alternative Formulas to Predict the Greatness of United-States Presidents - Personological, Situational, and Zeitgeist Factors
Biodegradable Photothermal and pH Responsive Calcium Carbonate@Phospholipid@Acetalated Dextran Hybrid Platform for Advancing Biomedical Applications
Biogeochemical behaviour and bioremediation of uranium in waters of abandoned mines