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On the receiving power pattern for cellular CDMA systems employing successive interference cancellation
Existence of Weak Solutions of Linear Subelliptic Dirichlet Problems With Rough Coefficients
Boundedness of Weak Solutions of Degenerate Quasilinear Equations with Rough Coefficients
Chemometric study of functional groups in Pennsylvanian gymnosperm plant organs (Sydney Coalfield, Canada)
Combined modelled and measured uptakes of arsenic and uranium by Lemna gibba G3 cells
Global sobolev inequalities and degenerate P-laplacian equations
Environmental Implications of Elements Associated with Pyrite Concentrates from Coal in the Sydney Coalfield (upper Carboniferous), Nova-Scotia, Canada
Large time behavior of solutions to degenerate parabolic equations
Lognormal sum approximation with a variant of Type IV Pearson distribution
Lognormal sum approximation with Type IV Pearson distribution
Morphology and histochemistry of coalified Trigonocarpus grandis (Sydney Coalfield, Canada)
Momentum conserving one-dimensional system with a finite thermal conductivity
New cuticular morphotypes of Cordaites principalis from the canadian carboniferous maritimes basin
No Conclusive Evidence for Transits of Proxima b in MOST Photometry
Nonlinear Wave Equations and Reaction-Diffusion Equations with Several Nonlinear Source Terms of Different Signs at High Energy Level
Products and Cardinal Invariants of Minimal Topological-Groups
Productivity in Br(a) and B(a) Topological Groups
Recurrence relations and splitting formulas for the domination polynomial
RF Channel Modeling of a WSN Testbed for Industrial Environment
Sequentially Compact Cancellative Topological Semigroups - Some Progress