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Role of emotions and classroom environment in willingness to communicate
State resident neuroticism accounts for life satisfaction differences between Conservative and Liberal states of the USA
A simple method for predicting presidential greatness from popular vote victory margin
Absence of Sex-Differences on the Boehm Test of Basic Concepts
Alternative Formulas to Predict the Greatness of United-States Presidents - Personological, Situational, and Zeitgeist Factors
Big Five Personality and Residential Mobility
Bidirectional Voluntary Heart-Rate Control During Static Muscular Exercise - Metabolic and Respiratory Correlates
Concept Knowledge as a Predictor of 1st-Grade and 4th-Grade Reading-Achievement
Development of Conservation in Meru Children of Tanzania
Do State Laws Concerning Homosexuals Reflect the Preeminence of Conservative-Liberal Individual Differences?
Does Item Order Affect Performance on Multiple-Choice Exams
Optimizing language learners' nonverbal behavior : From tenet to technique
Emotional Health and the Big Five Personality Factors at the American State Level
Emotional Face Processing Biases and Children's Social Withdrawal and Externalizing Behaviors in School
Toddlers Use the Number Feature in Determiners During Online Noun Comprehension
ERPs reveal the temporal dynamics of auditory word recognition in specific language impairment
Electrophysiological Indices of Phonological Impairments in Dyslexia
Past-Tense Morphology and Phonological Deficits in Children With Dyslexia and Children With Language Impairment
Images of Women in Advertisements - Effects on Attitudes Related to Sexual Aggression
Is There a Sex Difference in Lateralization for Processing of Humorous Materials