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Combined application of GPR and ERT for the assessment of a wall structure at the Heptapyrgion fortress (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Yield, physicochemical, and antioxidant properties of Atlantic salmon visceral hydrolysate: Comparison of lactic acid bacterial fermentation with Flavourzyme proteolysis and formic acid treatment
The Adsorption of Dextranase onto Mg/Fe-Layered Double Hydroxide: Insight into the Immobilization
Biodegradable Photothermal and pH Responsive Calcium Carbonate@Phospholipid@Acetalated Dextran Hybrid Platform for Advancing Biomedical Applications
Bioassessment of stream ecosystems enduring a decade of simulated degradation
Bioassessment of freshwater ecosystems using the Reference Condition Approach
Combined modelled and measured uptakes of arsenic and uranium by Lemna gibba G3 cells
Incorporation of whey permeate, a dairy effluent, in ethanol fermentation to provide a zero waste solution for the dairy industry
Improving Mine Water Quality by Low Density Sludge Storage in Flooded Underground Workings
Investment barriers and incentives for marine renewable energy in the UK
Peptidomics of Peptic Digest of Selected Potato Tuber Proteins
Prevention of doxorubicin sorptive losses in drug delivery studies using polyethylene glycol
Selenium Concentrations in Greater Scaup and Dreissenid Mussels During Winter on Western Lake Ontario
Liposome encapsulation of anionic and cationic whey peptides: Influence of peptide net charge on properties of the nanovesicles
Activation and deactivation of vibronic channels in intact phycocyanin rods
Analysis of Local Anesthetics in Biological Samples via Kinetically Calibrated Liquid-Phase Solvent Bar Micro-Extraction Combined with HPLC
Calibration of pre-equilibrium HF-LPME and its application to the rapid determination of free analytes in biological fluids
Carbon oxidation and its influence on self-discharge in aqueous electrochemical capacitors
Carrier-mediated solvent bar microextraction coupled with HPLC-DAD for the quantitative analysis of the hydrophilic antihypertensive peptide VLPVPR in human plasma
Chloride-accelerated Cu-Fenton chemistry for biofilm removal