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Combined modelled and measured uptakes of arsenic and uranium by Lemna gibba G3 cells
Cold-Hardiness in Pelecitus-Fulicaeatrae (nematoda, Filarioidea), a Parasite of the Ankles of Fulica-Americana (aves)
Computer programs for the determination of optical constants from transmission spectra and the study of absolute absorption intensities
Computational study of proper and improper hydrogen bonding in methanol complexes
Concept Knowledge as a Predictor of 1st-Grade and 4th-Grade Reading-Achievement
Deconstructing Dendropoma
DFT study of five naphthalimide derivatives
Development and Psychometric Assessment of the Nursing Competence Self-Efficacy Scale
Diet breadth of the northern moonsnail (Lunatia heros) on the northwestern Atlantic coast (Naticidae)
Dielectric and Index of Refraction Properties of Binary-Mixtures of Polyoxyethene Glycol Monobutyl Ethers with Water
Dialect, Maturity, and the Land in Selvon,sam a 'Brighter Sun' - a Reply
Development of Conservation in Meru Children of Tanzania
Do State Laws Concerning Homosexuals Reflect the Preeminence of Conservative-Liberal Individual Differences?
Does Item Order Affect Performance on Multiple-Choice Exams
Diversity of beetles (Coleoptera) in a managed dairy pasture in Nova Scotia
Optimizing language learners' nonverbal behavior : From tenet to technique
Professor, student, mother: Can you have it all?
Effects of Photoperiod on Growth and Smolting in Juvenile Atlantic Salmon (salmo-Salar)
Eh, paesan!
Energetic cost of communication