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Emotional Health and the Big Five Personality Factors at the American State Level
Energy Transfer Kinetics in Photosynthesis as an Inspiration for Improving Organic Solar Cells
Enrichment of phenylalanine ammonia lyase activity of Rhodotorula yeast
Endocrine-Mediated Photostimulation of Growth in Atlantic Salmon
Emotional Face Processing Biases and Children's Social Withdrawal and Externalizing Behaviors in School
Global sobolev inequalities and degenerate P-laplacian equations
Environmental Implications of Elements Associated with Pyrite Concentrates from Coal in the Sydney Coalfield (upper Carboniferous), Nova-Scotia, Canada
Phenomenology, education and the more than human world
Migrant remittances and fertility
Epidemiological study of dogs with otitis externa in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Understanding the Digital Composing Processes of Pre-Service Language Arts and Literacy Teachers
Determinants of Russian Firms' Merger and Acquisition Activities
Empirical Insights into Moodle use and its outcomes for undergraduate business students
Organizational Form, Parental Involvement, and Quality of Care in Child Day Care Centers
Building Affordable Rental Housing for Seniors
Exploring Organizational Form in the Affordable Rental Housing Sector
Toddlers Use the Number Feature in Determiners During Online Noun Comprehension
ERPs reveal the temporal dynamics of auditory word recognition in specific language impairment
Sulfur-functionalized N-heterocyclic carbenes and their transition metal complexes